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Listing of Seacoos data which is uploaded to federal entities such as NDBC, NODC, NWS, and NWLON.

Note for NDBC message types:

CMAN are meteorological observations
FM13 are water surface observations
FM64 are ADCP or below water observations
FM62 are ship tracking movements

University of South Carolina / CaroCOOPS

Caro-COOPS provides data every 2 hours to NDBC via FM64 messages for the following

4 buoys:
FRP2 (NDBC ID 41033)
CAP2 (NDBC ID 41029)
CAP3 (NDBC ID 41030)
SUN2 (NDBC ID 41024)

Caro-COOPS provides data to NWLON via GOES satellite every 6 minutes for water level data and hour for meteorological/other data for the following

3 water level stations:
FRP1 (NWLON ID 8668498)
CAP1 (NWLON ID 8664941)
SUN1 (NWLON ID 8659897)

University of North Carolina / NC-COOS

NCCOOS pushes data to NDBC once an hour from two (2) stations (R4 and LSRB (soon)).

University of South Florida / COMPS

The COMPS program sends hourly messages to NDBC from the following buoys(FM13 and FM64) and coastal stations(CMAN):

C10 (NDBC ID 42013)
C12 (NDBC ID 42022)
C13 (NDBC ID 42023)
C14 (NDBC ID 42021)
C16 (NDBC ID 42024)
C17 (NDBC ID 42014)

Coastal Stations: Aripeka (NDBC ID ARPF1)
Shell Point (NDBC ID SHPF1)
Homossassa (NDBC ID HSSF1)
Port Richey (NDBC ID PTRF1)
Egmont Key (NDBC ID EGKF1)
Anna Maria (NDBC ID ANMF1)
Tarpon Springs (NDBC ID TARF1)
NW Florida Bay (NDBC ID NFBF1)
Fred Howard Park (NDBC ID FHPF1 - soon)
Big Carlos Pass (NDBC ID BCGF1 - soon)
Anclote Gulf Park (NDBC ID ANCF1 - soon)

Skidaway Institute of Oceanography / SABSOON

SABSOON sends a CMAN formatted message from towers R2, R6, and R8 to the NDBC each hour and an FM64 formatted message for R2.
These are NDBC stations:

University of Miami / Explorer of the Seas

The Explorer has been sending FM-13 (MARINE SURFACE OB) and FM-62 (TRACKOB) messages to the NWS since early 2000; hourly messages whenever the ship is moving, we're silent to NWS when in port so that we don't have Law of the Seas problems in foreign waters. There's also a more informal link to NOAA's TPC/NHC for more rapid (10min) wind and met info; the guys there know how to come pull it from our web site when they need it, I don't think we've ever tracked the frequency of such deliveries but it has popped up by name in a t least one hurricane forecast that I know of.

There's also a direct link from NWSTG to NDBC for the VOS reports, but since we hand the data to NWS and not to NDBC directly that probably doesn't count as a link.

University of North Carolina at Wilmington / CORMP

CORMP is not providing data to federal agencies like NDBC, NODC, NWS, and NWLON currently, but several other government agencies have been using their data.

After CORMP has real time observations, this data will probably be provided to NWS and NDBC.

-- JeremyCothran - 06 Jan 2005
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