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Creating this webpage to better describe the various methods for querying Seacoos data and some of the regularly generated data reports which are available. If you would like to request a specific report of data we are collecting, please add a comment to the 'Data Report Requests' section below.

The data archive for all aggregated Seacoos data products starts at around August of 2004 when the decision was made to keep data instead of keeping only data within a 2 week window.


An hourly ObsKML file of all the latest in-situ observations is provided at and a stylized version of this dataset viewable in Google Earth(free viewer client downloadable from )is also produced at

An hourly zipped CSV file of all the latest in-situ observations is provided at

The fields listed in this file are as follows:

An hourly zipped set of shapefiles(same fields as CSV file) of all the latest in-situ observations is provided at

Development scripts documenting how the above data feeds are produced are here

Report files and their generation programs can be found at

or if using an ftp client

with user/pass = dataftp/data

Reports are provided as csv (comma separated value) files which should open directly in programs like Excel.

A report of the past 3 day wind observations

A report of the past 3 day sst observations

Monthly reports are also created of the wind and sst observations, for example

Data Report Requests

None reported.



The OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium ) has developed 2 data sharing standards of particular interest in that they allow URL requests of maps (WMS Web Mapping Service) and records (WFS Web Feature Service). Charlton has described the implementation of these services for Seacoos products at the following link.


There are DODS/OPeNDAP relational database server for seacoos in situ data(winds, sst, etc) for

the past 2 weeks observations

archived observations older than 2 weeks

For example, if you click on the 'HTML Data Request' for sst(sea surface temperature) you'll get the following link

A station id listing can be found at

The DODS/OPeNDAP server may have some bugs or limitations, so please add a comment to the 'Issues' section below to see what can be done to address.

The URL request for a DODS query could also be generated from another application, making for a friendlier or more focused query interface.

Issues/Other Requests

  • Number of maximum rows returned for a query currently set at 3000

  • not able to return carocoops station id's from archives

-- JeremyCothran - 24 Mar 2005
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