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University of South Carolina / CaroCOOPS

  • databases (includes Caro-COOPS)
    • Nightly backup of in-situ data to a shared drive on my PC
    • Monthly backup of model output to a shared drive on my PC

  • development code (includes Caro-COOPS)
    • 3 times per day backup of development code to a shared drive on my PC

  • misc
    • nightly backup of listserv to a shared drive on my PC
    • nightly backup of web logs to a shared drive on my PC

  • full machine backup
    • occurs sporadically since it requires downtime of over a day

Major downfall is that little is offsite. Offsite only when I get around to burning a DVD of a backup and taking it to my house. Full machine backups take a lot of time and require manual handling.

-- CharltonPurvis - 15 Nov 2004

University of North Carolina / NC-COOS

  • Zope Object Database (ZODB)
    • Nightly backup to full mirror

  • Full infrastructure
    • Nightly backup to Tivoli Storage Manager tape robot in UNC datacenter
    • Infrastructure is full RAID 5 with hot swap rebuild

-- ChrisCalloway - 10 Dec 2004

  • Data Served by OPeNDAP? server (NC-COOS, NOS, NWS)
    • Nightly backup to Tivoli Storage Manager tape robot in UNC datacenter
    • Snapshots provided by NetApps? at special checkpoints

  • Development and production code for all real-time data streams (NC-COOS)
    • Nightly backup to Tivoli Storage Manager tape robot in UNC datacenter

-- SaraHaines - 10 Dec 2004

University of South Florida / COMPS

-- VembuSubramanian and Jeff Donovan- 14 Dec 2004

COMPS Real-Time Weather Stations Data Backup

  • Hourly backup of raw data from all the COMPS real-time weather stations are available on multiple servers at the USF College of Marine Science.

  • Backups of the data processing, graphics and web server scripts along with the raw data, processed data and web server logs are done on a monthly basis.

  • Monthly backup of all the scripts associated with real-time data download and data processing are done on a windows machine as well as on the magnetic tape.


COMPS Data Acquisition System

  • At USF College of Marine Science we have multiple satellite downlinks: Direct Receiving Ground Station (DRGS) and Local Readout Ground Station Domestic Communications Satellite (DOMSAT) for receiving GOES data stream from COMPS real-time weather stations. We have two LRGS-DOMSAT satellite receiving/data server systems, with the capability of receiving, and archiving raw data stream from our stations. We also use the NOAA-NESDIS Internet Data distribution systems to acquire the data stream of our platforms.

COMPS Data/Web Servers

  • At USF College of Marine Science, we currently have two servers that handle COMPS real-time stations data processing and web traffic. We have recently acquired hardware to setup redundant Data Processing and Web servers.

  • Processed COMPS weather stations data are disseminated to NOAA National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) on an hourly basis. NDBC monitors and quality controls the data and hourly observations of COMPS sites data are posted on the NDBC website and also gets disseminated to National Weather Service. Hourly processed and quality controlled real-time data for approximately over a month are available on the NDBC web server.

  • We are currently looking for a remote location to install our data processing system and redundant web server, and are planning to transparently switch servers when a problem is encountered with main servers.

Skidaway Institute of Oceanography / SABSOON

Each hour, the SABSOON raw-data transfer from the offshore towers is duplicated and distributed among 3 servers-then processed into a monthly matlab file and into a monthly netCDF file. Two of these servers, including the SEACOOS/SABSOON OPeNDAP? server, are backed up weekly. Our primary science server is backed up each month.

In addition, each tower computer stores its raw data until that hard drive is serviced. Typically, six months of backup data are available on each of these computers.

University of Miami / Explorer of the Seas

University of North Carolina at Wilmington / CORMP

Data processing, graphics and web server scripts along with the raw data, processed data are backed up at the administrators workstation and individual research groups keep interested raw data in their lab.

Expecting to have an external tape drive backup in the future.
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