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Various MATLAB Tools for netCDF Files

1. MEXNC, SNCTOOLS, and the netCDF Toolbox are MATLAB tools for processing NetCDF files.

  • MEXNC (formerly known as MEXCDF) is a mexfile interface to NetCDF files for MATLAB, and has roughly a one-to-one equivalence with the C API for NetCDF.
  • SNCTOOLS is a set of higher-level m-files that sit atop MEXNC. They shield the user from such low level NetCDF details as file IDs, variable IDs, and dimension IDs. The general philosophy behind it is read and write data without trying to invent a new syntax.
  • netCDF Toolbox also is a set of higher-level m-files that sit atop MEXNC. The netCDF Toolbox was originally written by Chuck Denham at the USGS Woods Hole Science Center in Woods Hole, Massachusetts (under MEXCDF53 and MEXCDF60) and is now maintained but not updated on the Source Forge page.

You can down load the latest code and binaries from Source Forge at


-- SaraHaines - 12 Apr 2005
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