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Welcome to the twiki home of Carocoops.Metadoor.

This is a web-based collaboration area for discussion and development of the Meta-Door tool.

UPDATE: April 19, 2007 Meta-Door is no longer in active development, development having stopped around May 2006. That said, the code is open source and available for sharing and further use or development as folks are interested especially as concerns similar concept development or metadata/data content/format/table schema development commonly shareable across all systems.

Folks are also welcome to try out and use the online version also at , if the server/application is erroring out or down - send me an email jcothran[at symbol], this usually just requires a restart of the application on the server side.

For a list of other ongoing related ocean observing system development see JCNotes in particular the database schema for in-situ observations XeniaPackage and XML Schema for latest in-situ observations ObsKML

Thanks, Jeremy


Caro-COOPS is supporting the development of unique data management solutions for coastal ocean observing systems. For example, the "Meta-Door" second-generation online metadata entry tool is now available via the link below. This tool evolved from the "Cast-Net" initiative of the Southern Association of Marine Laboratories (SAML) and the Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA) with funding from NSF EPSCoR?. Development of the Cast-Net tool resulted from a cooperative effort among five regional sites: the Baruch Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences at the University of South Carolina, Dauphin Island Sea Lab Alabama, the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium, the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography of the University System of Georgia and the University of Southern Mississippi.

The Cast-Net metadata tool was developed to provide a convenient and user-friendly mechanism for generating FGDC-compliant metadata. Increased and broad-based use of Cast-Net demonstrated the need for enhanced capabilities and more comprehensive capacities for data and system documentation. Meta-Door is a complete regeneration of the Cast-Net metadata tool designed to handle the needs of a broad range of contemporary users. Meta-Door resembles Cast-Net in appearance and functionality while providing an enhanced user driven file management system and an easier, more reliable application interface. It has been completely re-programmed to work with a relational database that will eventually allow for more sophisticated indexing services. Future versions of Meta-Door will allow users to incorporate additional metadata standards as new standards emerge and become widely used in the ocean coastal observing communities.

Meta-Door has been rebuilt from the ground up with Java Struts to be database- and OS-independent. New features include:

  • User administration with simplified registration and profile management
  • Additional metadata formatting options for review
  • Option to remove published metadata from ISite
  • Lightweight GIS for input of Geo-location information
  • User interface improvements, including collapsible form layout


Meta-Door 2.0 powerpoint (2 MB)


Documentation PDF (2 MB)


Instructions to join the listserv

  • create a blank email message
  • address it to
  • no subject is required
  • put only the following two words as the text of your message

subscribe metadoor

  • click send

To view listserv commands, perform the same steps as above, but substitute 'help' for the message.

Metadoor listserv search archived messages
Meta-Door listserv

Searching FGDC portals for your FGDC record

FGDC Metadata Search


FGDC Record Graphical Representation (1998 does not include NBII 1999 fields)

NBII Additional fields and mapping

From the NBII website at

Biological Data Profile

Graphic Images Representing the Biological Data Profile
Color images representing the structure of the Biological Metadata Standard (Word Document).

#html documentation

The only sample xml schema I could locate for the NBII fields from
also listed as attachment at the bottom of this page(ncMetadata.xsd).

#sample xml instance(garbage fields) for NBII xml schema

FGDC Standards


SensorML? is an OGC reviewed ( ) specification for describing platform and sensor information. Originally conceived with a focus on satellite platforms.

Developer Notes and Sourceforge CVS(version 2.0)

Known Bugs

Feature Requests


Meta-Door exists to support the geospatial community and FGDC and other registries which help with the discovery, access and usage of geospatially oriented data. The existing online link at is open for evaluation or production use by the community. Individuals and organizations are also free to download and install separate installations using the sourcecode listed above. Meta-Door is an open source effort and we encourage usage, feedback and modification as needed although we may not have personnel resources to properly manage and incorporate new external development.


What is the intended audience or use for Meta-Door?

Initially Meta-Door has been focused on supporting the FGDC metadata standard for geospatially oriented dataset collections, so the audience and use there is any entity which does not already have their collections defined by an FGDC metadata entry or is looking for an application to help manage these entries.

Follow-up development has been organized towards supporting the needs of near real-time observing system both in the description of the platforms and sensors which are periodically changed/calibrated and the observations and measurements that are regularly gathered.

Some of the end development goals are:

  • capture information through a single tool or toolset
  • allow the mapping/exhange of this information back out to the community via:
    • registries/catalogs
    • export to other various xml schemas or web services for use in other products
  • use of standardized vocabularies or those which can be mapped to one using ontologies, etc

How do I get started with some sample records?

After registering on the system as a user and logging in, on the 'Main Menu' page under the 'Main Form' tab, there is a button labeled 'Upload Existing XML Document'. Download either of the following sample FGDC records in XML format (Carocoops,Seacoos)to your local computer and use the 'Upload Existing XML Document' to bring the downloaded records into the application as either a metadata record or template with a filename of at least 6 characters.

You should now be able to review/edit this document by clicking on the 'Edit Metadata' or 'Edit Template' links to the right of the document name.

How do I create a metadata document from a template?

To create a metadata document from a template, after you've logged in and selected the template for editing, in the left hand sidebar select 'Copy Document' which will present another screen where you can choose 'Save as Metadata' or 'Save as Template'. Enter the new name and choose 'Save as Metadata', after which the document will exist as an unpublished metadata document. To publish the document to our local library which is harvested by the FGDC clearinghouse on a periodic basis, goto the 'Review Form' tab and click on the link to publish the document at page bottom.

Meta-Door 2.0

In addition to the initial version of Meta-Door which focuses on creation of FGDC records, the Meta-Door development team has been working on version 2.0 which incorporates more support for platform and sensor management and workflow with an end goal of being able to share and exchange this collected information with other systems via markup languages such as SensorML? and MarineXML? (note that SensorML? and MarineXML? exports were planned/considered but not implemented in the latest available version).

The Meta-Door team is actively looking for beta-testers who are interested in helping shape and refine this application to better serve metadata needs for the observing community. An earlier flash demo can be found at the below link.

If you are interested in reviewing the beta Meta-Door version 2.0 application, please email who will email back a login user id and password. There is a user registration process as part of the application, but we are working through some issues with the security layer and at this time. We strongly recommend that users keep a local exported XML version of all of their developed records in case we should have a problem with the application and need to reset and records.

If you are interested in providing feedback for this product(providing reports of bugs or feature requests), please email


Meta-Door 2.0

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