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Bugs and feature requests may eventually move to Sourceforge, but until there's a large volume, just documenting on the wiki for now. Email about bugs or requests.


(0001) Review and Validate page selection of format type - browser hangs

Immediately after uploading a xml record, if the user goes to the 'review and validate' page and selects a format to view(xml,html,fax,etc) the corresponding webpage hangs without populating.

Still researching this one. As a workaround, seems that if the uploaded xml documented is reviewed under the corresponding tabbed sections before the 'review and validate' page is accessed then mp will run correctly and generate all the required output files.

(0002) Some uploaded FGDC XML tags are not captured

Working on this one. Initially we were focused on certain FGDC elements to capture, but some users are using other FGDC elements which we are not currently capturing. We will need to add these elements to the database, web forms and outputs.

(0003) Map coordinate selection applet doesn't work

This was running off an ESRI GIS instance, need to find another supporting server or similar applet.


-- JeremyCothran - 24 Aug 2005
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