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Bugs and feature requests may eventually move to Sourceforge, but until there's a large volume, just documenting on the wiki for now. Email about bugs or requests.


(0001) Workflow group notifications and status

While Meta-Door does allow users to define groups, group admins and permissions, we would also like to have pages or notifications which denote the changes in workflow status.

The basic model we are working with now is that one group creates FGDC records while another group may review/edit and/or publish those created records. The review/edit/publish group needs notification/status of when new records have been created and are waiting review/edit/publish.

(0002) XML batch upload

The current xml upload process is interface driven from the web application one record at a time. We would also like to have a batch mode where a user could define a source of many xml files to be uploaded in batch. This will probably be done as a separate executable callable or schedulable from the web application, with a status page/report on the success/failure of the upload process.

(0003) Various issues with MarineXML? section

Haven't had a chance to fully test and organize the MarineXML? section - this may need to be renamed something more generic like 'Data upload' as the idea is to provide description information particular to the MarineXML? specification and also upload ASCII column oriented or spreadsheet type data files whose data records might later be exported to the same or other xml schemas.

(0004) Export to MarineXML?, SensorML?, IOOS ML

Will be working on this after addressing some more critical issues. May address IOOS inspired ML or web services ( ) as this community is more tangent to ongoing efforts.

(0005) User and Technical Documentation

These are critically needed to further the adoption and understanding of the tool and will be added as time permits. Collaboration on this documentation is welcomed - I'll probably try to work on the user documentation first and both documentation will exist on the wiki and in a separate downloadable document.

(0006) Data dictionary and keyword lookup standardization efforts

Want to standardize our lookup tables to utilize and reference existing vocabularies which have or will be mapped in ontology efforts.


-- JeremyCothran - 24 Aug 2005
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