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Sourceforge File Download

Update April 27, 2006: The available source code which has been provided at sourceforge and elsewhere is a very old version - contact jcothran[at] if you are looking for the most recent files.

A download of a zipped package of source code files is available at

Sourceforge CVS

An online viewable sourceforge CVS for Meta-Door is located at

Notes on Sourceforge CVS usage can be found at

Note that for sourceforge commands, the project name is 'osioss' the module name is 'meta-door2' and the user name will either be the developer name or 'anonymous'.

Command Line

#for all cvs steps set the CVS_RSH environment variable
export CVS_RSH=ssh

#if prompted for anonymous password, press enter
cvs login

#to download entire meta-door module
cvs -z3 co -P meta-door2


WinCVS settings for download and updates. For developers, substitute the developer name for 'anonymous'

Installation notes

Note: In the process of moving production boxes, the materials currently available don't quite cover what's completely needed. I'm in the process of adding and documenting these remaining elements.

Support Code Versions

C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_04

Struts 1.2.4
Apache 2.0

General Info

The paths listed for the downloaded files would live under the tomcat webapps directory similar to


Environment arguments which will be specific to your environment are located in the following files and should be changed accordingly


The application assumes that mp (metadata parser install package at has been installed under the default option of C:\USGS

And the files currently used to configure and run mp at


assume the CATALINA_HOME environment variable is defined as C:\jakarta-tomcat-5.5.5 and should be checked and changed as needed to match the environment setup

Run 'ant all' from webapps\meta-door2 initially and after any change to the database tables.

Source files

Contact jcothran[at]

For a PostgreSQL? GUI database interface we use and I'd recommend EMS detailed more at the following link

Coordinating development efforts

The initial application has been developed using Java/Struts/Hibernate running against a PostgreSQL? relational database(although the SQL code should be non-database specific).

For developers who wish to suggest fixes or added features that work within the above framework, the following is suggested:

  • notify jcothran[at] of the development ideas in case something is already in the works
  • make and test your changes locally
  • submit changes to jcothran[at] for testing and incorporation into the sourceforge cvs

For further development, the underlying table schemas could also be used for development towards other non-Java specific interfaces(php,etc) or a variety of xml schema exports.

For developers wishing to branch outside of this framework(say using the same database, but supplying command line exports or interfaces using perl, php, python, etc), the same above steps would apply, but a different sub-version of Meta-Door may end up being created supporting specific functionalities.

Batch processing

Used the following perl script and mp config file to clean up xml files so they are passed through mp successfully generating all the other format outputs.

-- JeremyCothran - 24 Aug 2005
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