Data Discovery

The Data Discovery tool is a simple, user-friendly keyword-based search interface that has been developed to enhance awareness and access to information and on environmental, coastal, and ocean research, monitoring, and observation resources, including sources of data, and programs that are relevant to the Long Bay, SC region. By typing a keyword (e.g. variables such as: sediment, dissolved oxygen, salinity, temperature, winds, currents; location) into the search term box, the system returns matching individual program metadata records of relevant research and monitoring activities. These metadata records were developed specifically for the Long Bay Near-Shore Water Quality Management Project Data Discovery tool using the Meta-Door metadata development software (

All matching program records returned by the search are listed on the Data Discovery web page with the program title, a brief description, contact information, and online addresses for the specified program. The program title is an online link to the full metadata record and includes a more detailed description of the monitoring or observing program and links to the program website. The metadata output can be viewed in a variety of different formats including “HTML” (the default), “Questions and Answers”, “Parseable Text”, “SGML”, “XML”, and “DIF”. The selection of view type can be made at the top of the open HTML metadata record.