The density of the Caro-COOPS mooring array has varied over the past two years. Currently, there are four moorings ranging from 10 meter depth to mid-shelf at 30 meter depth, and there are three coastal water level/meterological stations. Types of instrumentation and approximate locations include the following:

  • Four offshore moorings instrumented for surface wave field,
    current speed and direction at multiple levels, temperature,
    salinity, pressure, and fluorescence/chlorophyll, as well as air
    temperature, wind speed and gusts, air pressure, and solar radiation
  • Three shore-based water level/meteorological stations, which are
    integrated into the NOS CO-OPS National Water Level Observatory
    Network (NWLON)

An example of how a mooring is set up

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Capers Island
Capers Nearshore
Capers Mid-Shelf
Fripp Inlet
Fripp Nearshore
Sunset Beach Pier
Sunset Nearshore
Sunset Mid-Shelf