Deployment Operations

Mooring deployment and maintenance is run out of the operations center at North Carolina State University.

NC State University
MEAS Field Lab
1321 Varsity Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27695

Current Project Links

Caro-COOPS - Carolina Coastal Ocean Observing and Prediction System

CORMP - Coastal Ocean Research and Monitoring Program

Cruise Schedule 2006

Month Days Research Vessel Cruise Planned/Completed Activities
January 19-20 Savannah 0601 Test buoy deployment. SUN3-4 recovery. SUN3-5 deployment.
February 20-24 Hatteras 0602 Test buoy recovery. SUN2-5 and SUN3-5 repairs.
May 8-11 Savannah 0603 CAP2, CAP3, FRP2 turnarounds
June 4-9 Savannah 0604 ILM2, ILM3, SUN2, and SUN3 turnarounds
Oct.-Nov. 30-12 Savannah 0605 Fall '06 turnaround (planned)


Cruises 2005

Month Days Research Vessel Cruise Planned/Completed Activities
February 8-12 Savannah 0501 CAP2, CAP3, and FRP2 turnaround
February 19-26 Hatteras 0502 SUN2 turnaround. SUN 3 deployment
April 17-19 Savannah 0503 CAP 3 turnaround. SUN 3 recovery
June 5-10 Savannah 0504 ILM 2 and ILM 3 deployments. CAP 2 turnaround. CAP 3 weatherpak replacement
July 25-27 Savannah 0505 SUN2 turnaround. SUN3 deployment
August 11-18 Hatteras 0506 CAP 3 and FRP 2 turnaround. Deployment of acoustic modem test buoy near CAP2. ILM 3 recovery/repair/re-deployment
August 22-24 Savannah 0507 Recovery of test buoy. CAP 3 and CAP 2 recovery/repairs/re-deployment
November 7-15 Savannah 0508 Fall '05 Turnaround. ILM2, ILM3, SUN2, SUN3, CAP2, CAP3, and FRP2 recoveries and deployments.


Cruise Reports


Operations Personnel

John Bichy - data/inventory management, instrumentation, mooring engineer/developement

Ted Dodson

Jeff Kinder - electrical engineer, deck operations cheif, mooring engineer/developement

Buoy Info Chart
Deployment Operations
Deployment Pictures

Capers Island
Capers Nearshore
Capers Mid-Shelf
Fripp Inlet
Fripp Nearshore
Sunset Beach Pier
Sunset Nearshore
Sunset Mid-Shelf